Verry Octavianus

- Graduated in 2005 -

Group Product Manager PT Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk (Indofood), Jakarta, Indonesia.   I am proud to be an alumni of Industrial Engineering - Maranatha Christian University. Many subjects that I found not only logic but also managerial skills. My valuable experience in Industrial Engineering Maranatha was as a laboraty assistant. It really helped me in my work, which taught me about leadership, team work, etc. "All the studying you are doing well be worth it in the end" Good Luck !

Enrico David Wibawa

- Graduated in 1997 -

Corporate Director, eCommerce, Compass Hospitality, Bangkok, Thailand. I am fortunate to learn Industrial Engineering at Maranatha Christian University, where students are introduced with overall process within one organization. The subjects cover input-process-output which benefit the graduates to have broad perspective in real industry. As well as its flexibility for all graduates to choose what field of occupations at the end of their study. As well as with my case when i had a chance to work in production (paper and moulding), quality control (lab), supply and chain, and currently information system. I would like to encourage for new students and current students, to be able to maximize the benefit from IE subjects and would like to wish all the best for your future.

Dessy Cinthya

- Graduated in 2011 -

Application Technical Support Senior Analyst at PT. Accenture Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.   Basically I assign to Operating Group – Technology. Industrial Engineering Maranatha Christian University taught me how to analyze the problem, enjoy the process, and get the best result. It helps me not only to manage my own job but also how to organize, be responsible of customer requirement, how to build a good relationship with vendor or client, how to lead people, how to manage cost with efficient and effective parameters to get the compatible result, how to make a decision, and many more. So, I can’t say anything just thank you so much for all the lecturers who teach us with every best effort.

Hizkia Ekaputra Setiawan

- Graduated in 2012 -

Purchasing Agent (Supply Chain Department) at Loma Linda University Medical Center, CA, USA.   At first, I doubted that my degree from Universitas Kristen Maranatha (Maranatha Christian University), Bandung will be enough to land me a job in United States because I have to compete with US graduates. I see this competition as a motivation for me to show the world that immigrants like myself are as qualified as the US graduates. For instance, I did not waste the opportunity that was given to me when my manager gave me the job offer. As a purchasing agent of Loma Linda Hospital, I have responsibility to make sure all the hospital equipments and supplies are shipped to the designated departments. I am very grateful for all the knowledge that I learned, such as supply chain analysis, accounting, and many more. Not only that, Maranatha Christian University also pay close attention for students' work ethics. Through various classes that I took, I am shaped to be hardworking, discipline, and confident. I believe that Industrial Engineering Maranatha Christian University will always expand its scope for the succession of each student. At last, I believe that Maranatha Christian University will produce more highly qualified successful people.

Anneke Rina

- Graduated in 1998 -

Owner of lemarianne (batik online shop)   Industrial Engineering Universitas Kristen Maranatha taught me how to make an efficiency in production to get more profit. This one that I always apply in many ways of my works. My experiences at as a lecturer's assistant when I was still studying there, also give me added value of being a teacher and do time management. I'm proud of being alumni of Industrial Engineering Universitas Kristen Maranatha, as I could run my online shop with the knowledge and experiences I got from my alma mater.

Krismodianto - Class of 2015

Industrial Engineering Maranatha Christian University is the right choice to support my future goals. As a current student, learning and organizing in Industrial Engineering Maranatha Christian University are interesting things that I have ever experienced. The competent lectures with adequate facilities strongly support the learning process. The organizations that I have joined also support me to improve myself to be a better person with Integrity, Care and Excellent. Therefore, I am proud to be a part of Industrial Engineering Maranatha Christian University.

Clarissa Megawati Sidabutar - Class of 2013

Why I chose Industrial Engineering Universitas Kristen Maranatha (Maranatha Christian University) ? They provide the high quality education, facilities, and lecturers that support us as the students, to achieve our dream to be an Industrial Engineer.

Feny Wahyuni - Human Resources - Recruitment and Placement of PT Indomarco Prismatama (Indomaret Group)

We've been working in collaborations with Industrial Engineering Universitas Kristen Maranatha in MDP Program or Internship. There are many of Maranatha's alumni that have been working at our company. And for Industrial Engineering, its internship program has been part of Indomaret Group and one of the participants has started to work there. Industrial Engineering graduates can make a good analysis, give inputs to the company and in the internship program thay can do the best by giving input to the company, so the development of the company is helped by Industrial Engineering. Thank you.